We Feed the Hungry, Clothe the Naked, and Home the Homeless - Company Message
Doing Much With Little
We feel privileged having served our community for the last six years!  Challenges and rewards aside, we are both amazed and humbled at how much we have been able to accomplish on our own.  However, the opportunities to assist the community's needs are far bigger than we are, and we need your help!
Our Current Position
We are authorized to pick up food at Aldi's and Food Lion but are prohibited from doing so due to the need for more freezer and cooler space.  We have also exhausted our electrical capacity to house refrigeration units.  However, we purchased 2.96 acres where we plan to build a 50' x 130' warehouse/refrigeration facility in order to meet the immediate and growing needs of the community.
Poised for Expansion
   We have...
    A grant prospect for all wood products.
    2.96 acres joining our current facility.
    A public bus stop at our facility for those without transportation.
    Doctors and dentists offering free clinics.
    An offer of four duplexes to house the homeless.
    An offer of a five bedroom house for the homeless that includes a counselor in full time residence.
    Growing involvement in the Automobile Benefit Program providing vehicles for families in need.
    An offer of 25 acres in the county for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.
We welcome all inquiries!  Please utilize our contact page to call, write, or set up a visit or meeting with us whether you or someone you know is in need, or you want to partner with us and join our meaningful outreach services.  We are happy to be of service, and to answer your questions.